LebeHR connects Transportation and Tourism businesses in the West to the right talent from East EU to nurture their productivity and help both businesses and professionals grow



Lebe HR is committed to maintain high standards and to ensure full compliance with EU data and employment regulations, protecting candidates’ and customers’ information alike.


A truck driver or a transport director, kitchen staff or a hotel manager, permanent employment or a contractor for the high season – our team always operates at the highest level of standards and with a sense of urgency.


We know that trust is earned, not given. And we work hard to build long lasting relationships with both businesses and professionals. 


We understand that we work with reputed businesses and skilled professionals and respect them both in our dealings.


We are transparent in our communication with our candidates and our customers alike while protecting confidentiality. 


Lebe HR is a young agency open to change and new ideas, always ready to learn and improve.


Transportation and Logistics

• Truck drivers • Bus drivers • Dispatchers • Truck mechanics • Transport managers • Sales professionals

Tourism and Hotel

• Restaurant Chefs • Kitchen staff • Hotel maids • Laundry attendants • Maintenance technicians • Restaurant waiters • Salon managers • Front desk receptionists • Recreation attendants • Activity coordinators • Supervisors • Hotel/restaurant managers


Why us?

The proper fit

Skilled talent to match your business vacancies

On time

Targeted approach to source candidates exactly when they are needed

Eastern EU talent

Tap into a labour market of huge potential


Christof Bader


Christof made his Master degree in 2000 in Human Resource Management. As a Director, leading transport and logistics businesses to become top performers, he hired more than 3000 people over the last 25 years. A highly experienced professional you can fully entrust with the Human Resource, Recruitment and Organizational Development functions of your business.

Alina Bercia


Recruitment Specialist. Hard or soft skills, Alina has an eye for the people that will click to your team and manage your logistics or hotel operations. She is in charge of Human Resources at Lebe HR and manages the administration processes.

Andreea Bordea


After years as the chief recruiter, manning the fleet and the truck management team of a major Austrian transportation company, Andreea knows how to find and hire the right drivers and workforce for your core operations.