Cookies Policy

LEBE SRL collects non-personally identifiable information from two reasons:

  • To process your POs
  • To provide you the best personalized services

We use first-party cookies, as well as third-party cookies to enhance all our users browsing experience and to monitor our website performance.
Our website uses first-party cookies, as well as third-party cookies. This allows us to have valuable feedback on the way our website is being used by our visitors, allowing us to include content from other websites and also to monitor and improve the performance of our website, together with the advertising online campaigns.
Cookies are not mandatory on this website; nevertheless, by disabling the use of cookies, some of the functionalities or content will no longer be available to you.

1. What Are Cookies
A cookie is a small text sent by a server to a web browser (browser) and then sent back (unmodified) by the client server, each time the client accesses that server.
A cookie is made up of 2 parts: name and content (value). The lifetime of a cookie is determined. Technically, only the web server that sent the cookie is able to access it again, when a user visits that website again.
Cookies do not retrieve personal information in order to be used and in most of the instances, do not personally identify internet users. We use cookies on our website, to monitor and improve the performance of our website, as well as, of the advertising online campaigns. Our site uses 2 categories of cookies:
  • Session cookies
  • Persistent cookies, both first-party and third-party cookies.
2. Session Cookies
They are temporarily stored, until the user leaves the website or closes the browser window or until they are deleted by the web server. We use this type of cookies to save and prompt the user data previously filled in on the forms from the site, in the event of error occurrence during their submission. Once the form has been successfully submitted, the session cookies shall be automatically erased.
PHPSESSIDSaves the current session of the user, is usually deleted after leaving the browser.sessionsessionLebe-hr
3. Persistent Cookies
They are stored on the hard drive of the user for a pre-established lifetime. They also include cookies set by other websites than our own, known as ‘third party cookies’ (cookies set by third parties). We use our persistent cookies to save user’s browsing preferences on this website.
test_statusSaves whether the pop-up has been displayed to the user.persistent24 hoursLebe-hr
4. Third-party Cookies
These cookies are set by the following third parties: Google, YouTube and Facebook. By accepting this policy, cookies shall be used for the following purposes:
  • Visitors’ analysis. Each time a user accesses this site, the Analytics application shall retrieve a cookie. This cookie provides us information about your previous visits on the site and allows us to monitor unique users and the frequency of their visits on the site. We use Google Analytics as the Analytics application with the extension „anonymizeIp()“, which anonymizes all our visitors’ IP addresses. Further details:
We do not collect nor process any information based on which the visitor’s identity could be revealed. You may opt-out from Google Analytics use of cookies, by downloading and installing the module Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. Further details:
_gaGoogle Analytics tracks the IP address for each domain visit and thereby recognizes repeated website visits.persistent24 monthsLebe-hr
_gatUsed to throttle request rate.sessionsessionLebe-hr
_gidUsed to distinguish users.persistent24 hoursLebe-hr
Conducting and analysing online advertising campaigns
LEBE-HR carries out online advertising campaigns by using the platforms provided by Google and Facebook. These platforms store cookies that allow us to monitor the efficiency of our online advertising campaigns and to post on other web sites adverts adapted to the alleged interests of the visitors.
Including multimedia content
Some pages of the site include videos from YouTube. In case you enabled the opt-out option for cookies, this content will not be prompted to you.
  • Google Conversion Tracking is a Google analytics service dedicated to monitor the performance of our online advertising campaigns, being performed by Google AdWords. Within this context, Google sets a cookie on the visitor’s PC / mobile equipment, when the visitor accesses a Google ad and reaches on our website. These cookies are not associated with the personal identification. With the help of Google Conversion Tracking, we can identify if somebody clicked on our ad and therefore, was redirected to our webpage. Data collected with Google Conversion Tracking are used exclusively to draft statistical reports upon the efficiency and improvement of our online advertising campaigns via Google AdWords. We do not collect nor process any information based on which the visitor’s identity could be revealed.
  • Google Remarketing. Through these technologies, users who have already visited our web pages may be approached again through targeted advertising on the other webpages of the partners’ network of Google.

If you do not wish to receive interest-based advertising, this option can be disabled by visiting this page: 
Further information and information related to opting-out from the Google advertising services, are available below:


  • Through Facebook Conversion Pixels we can identify if a user accessed our website via an ad from Facebook. Collected data via Facebook Conversion Pixel are exclusively intended to make our online advertising campaigns more efficient and more performant on Facebook. We do not collect nor process any information based on which the visitor’s identity could be revealed.
  • Via Facebook Remarketing users who visit our web pages may be addressed again via targeted advertising on Facebook. We do not collect nor process any information about Facebook users to whom targeted advertising is directed to, and we are unable to identify individual users.

Further information on the purposes and the volume of personal data collection and processing performed by Facebook:
Facebook Policy on cookies:
Opting-out from the cookies on this website could result in limited access to some functionalities and content.