HR Consultancy

Managing people is no easy task. They are your vital resource and capital but unlike money and other tangible or intangible assets, people also need to be inspired and fully engaged in your company operations, interests and culture. Our team will help you with:

  • Policies and culture – organizational design, hiring standards and people strategy
  • Processes – identify bottlenecks, streamline workflows and ultimately (re)build the hiring process within your company to make the best of internal and external talent
  • Planning – an all-round assessment of vacancies, requirements & job descriptions across all teams, permanent and seasonal hiring to meet high season workloads
  • Employer branding – the right online exposure to position your company as a leading logistics or tourism employer able to attract the best talent
  • Internal talent – recruitment and talent mobility within the company
  • HR analytics – adding value and insights to your talent management program by key figures and indicators
  • Training and skills development – to improve the performance of your employees and teams

Ultimately to redesign the employee experience and help you keep your talent interested, involved and performing.